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Road Transport Inspection in Poland


Despite plans to close down the Road Transport Inspection, the body still controls drivers traveling on Polish roads and there are no signs that this will change in the near future.

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Germany introduces the toll on all federal roads


On all federal roads in Germany, from 1 July 2018, tolls from trucks will be in force. Currently, the toll is only applicable to motorways and selected national roads. 

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Driving truck only the main road in Grecce


Greece has banned using alternative routes to avoid paying for toll roads. Drivers who will want to save on toll will get high traffic fines. A refusal to pay a fine will have effect in the immobilized vehicle.

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Summer traffic restrictions


From May 23, 2017 in Belarus and from June 1, 2017 in Ukraine, there will be periodic restrictions on the movement of heavy goods vehicles...

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Ecologic vignettes in Austria


After may 1, 2017 vehicles with Euro 1 and Euro 2 emissions will no longer pass through Tirol. Trucks of more than 7.5 tons of Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission classes...

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IFA Logistics joined Reliable Company program


IFA Logistics was positively verified by and joined Reliable Company program, because reliability and fairness in business are the most important for us. This program guarantees reliability...

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Overland Department

Il servizio offerto da questa ditta di trasporto e' molto efficiente abbiamo trovato una risposta sempre precisa sia per quanto riguarda le consegne che per le informazioni fornite questa ditta e' un partner veloce e affidabile per le nostre consegne, sia standard che urgenti

Monika Młynarczyk


Firma IFA Logistics to wiarygodny partner w interesach. Udzielane nam informacje są zawsze rzetelne i konkretne. Dokumenty trafiają do nas terminowo i nigdy nie mamy problemu z komunikacją. Razem udało nam się zrealizować wiele kontraktów, a dzięki przyjaznemu usposobieniu pracowników tej firmy, nasza współpraca trwa nieprzerwanie od wielu lat.

Phoebe Evans

Supply Chain Manager

Thanks to the cooperation with the IFA Logistics company we could reduce costs of transporting our products. The valuation of freight is carried out quickly, and communication between the teams runs flawlessly. The company has a sizeable fleet of vehicles of different types, so we can be ensured of the continuity of supply, and at the same time we can always count on professional help and consulting.

Angèle et Morgane

Coordinateur Logistique

Nous sommes ravis de notre coopération avec IFA Logistics. Les devis pour les transports sont rapides et avec des prix très compétitifs. Les factures et les documents de transports sont très rapidement expédiés. Un grand merci à Ewelina ,notre interlocutrice, qui nous réserve toujours un accueil très agréable.

Andrzej Małachowski

Team Leader

Podejście do biznesu prezentowane przez zespół IFA Logistics jest wynikiem wysokich, osobistych standardów. Zdolność do szybkiego i skutecznego działania jest jedną z wielu przyczyn dla, których nawiązaliśmy współpracę z firmą IFA Logistics. Doskonała komunikacja i profesjonalne podejście do tematyki transportu drogowego to cechy, które cenimy w zespole IFA Logistics.

Joseph Thompson


Defined vision is a feature we were looking for. This is the main strength behind the success of our long-term cooperation. The IFA Logistics company consists of experienced people from the logistics sector who understand needs of the changing environment of the transport industry and is able to adapt the supply chain for our needs.

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